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Birch Bay Washington
Birch Bay at low tide Welcome to Birch Bay, Washington and the web community Birch Bay.net. As the community portal for Birch Bay you will find all kinds of information about Birch Bay and the area. During the summer there are tons of activities as merchants throughout the bay as well as the local Chamber of Commerce sponsor events for the whole family.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Birch Bay, check out our Birch Bay Lodging Providers. For years visitors to Birch Bay have rented cabins and condos to enjoy our quaint beach and activities.

There are also a number of wonderful places to eat. Birch Bay has been known for years as a place to clam and crab. Since Birch Bay has some of the warmest water on the Pacific Coast, Birch Bay is a favorite place to swim in the ocean.

Birch Bay is located approximately 100 miles north of Seattle Washington and about 50 miles south of Vancouver, BC Canada. In addition Birch Bay is the fastest growing community in Whatcom County. Interested in Real Estate in the Birch Bay Area? Check out our Real Estate Pages.
Birch Bay State Park at sunset Another interesting tid-bit. Birch Bay has approximately 25% less rain then Bellingham, Washington which is only 20 miles a way.

Questions about Birch Bay and vicinity?

Be sure to post a message on the message boards or check out some of the great resources here or many of the great sites about Birch Bay.

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